Look! Im New!

Hiya All! I just joined this community, so I thought I would say hello :) I started messing with keyboards when I was about 4. My mom had a really old yamaha strait from the 80s! I got my first official board in 8th grade and since then its always been there :P I tought most stuff to myself so I didnt learn chords and back stuff untill this year :P But it is most definitly fun! but anywho...thats about it for now.
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Hihi, N00b post

So, yeah, I just joined this community.

My friends have just gotten me into Mount Sims, Miss Kittin, Felix Da Housecat and Ladytron.

I don't really know much about this kind of music except that I really like it. Do any of you kids have any reccomendations for me to furthur get into this whole scene?


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(no subject)

hello, i'm new to this community and i saw miss kittin was in its interests...
so i thought this website about, her new album, could interest some of you :)
here is the link :


(i'm sorry if this post doesn't fit the community, don't hesitate to delete it if so.
cheers to you all, and thank you :)

mail art

hello :0)

im doing a mail art project and i need random people to send me POSTCARDS!! im making a book out of all my replies for ladyfest exeter which takes place in a few months. if you want to help out please send me a postcard by january 29th with something written on the back , this can be WHATEVER you want (- i gather 99.9% of you wont have a clue who i am but that makesit interesting...!).
thank you& i hope to hear from someone real soon!! love izzy ox

my postal address ; isabelle, watery barn, raddon, exeter, devon ex5 5pn U.K.

hmmmm 0_o

hi ,
I´m new here ... well ... 2 days ..
I already know people don´t post here [lol :P ]
what I didn´t figure out yet was
is this just about electro-clash ?
or mainly about SYNTHS -and- various types of synth-music ? :x
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